Forest kids is a new bath care brand for children, proudly made in Sweden.
We, at Forest Kids, are parents ourselves. At the time of our launch, we are parents of 3 children aged 2, 4 and 6 and over these years we have seen our desire grow to create a world that reflects our values and supports a simple and natural lifestyle in a sustainable and kind way.

We decided to contribute to this vision by creating products that we believe in. All our products are carefully and responsibly developed with natural, gentle and safe ingredients that we source locally as much as we can, and that are good for children´s sensitive skin while being very mindful about our impact on the planet. We dreamed of creating a bath time routine that is simple and perfect for our family, that includes only the products we truly need and that are beautiful through their simple design and lovely mild fragrance.

This is why we are launching Forest Kids with only 3 products. We dedicated ourselves to carefully formulate these key products, ensuring that they work for our entire family and we believe these will always be our star products that your family will also love!

And as our family and your family grows, it is our wish that Forest Kids grows along with us and continues to support these values we cherish so much.


Honest and transparent: 

At forest kids we aim to supply the market with the best high quality products that are thoughtfully sourced.

We are conscious in working with producers (factories) that take responsibility, following the GMP standards. We aim to source as much as we can locally and we are proud to have products labelled Made in Sweden.

We seek eco-friendly synergies with our partners as well as making sure reduction of the environmental footprint is in place.

At our core are safe, healthy, consciously formulated and responsibly packaged products.

We have selected to use 100% recycled (and recyclable) bottles and to keep packaging to a minimum.

At this time, the only components in our packaging that are not made up of recycled materials are the blue bottle caps but we are always looking for the best and most environmentally friendly solutions and are determined to continue improving in all areas.

Simplicity, wellbeing for children:

We are aware parents are busy and we want them to trust the products they buy. We only supply products that are produced with the best and most natural ingredients to be found on the market. 

We won’t compromise on quality and so shouldn’t you but we still believe this choice and lifestyle can be achieved at an affordable price. 

Our top priority is to create the space and conditions for a happy and healthy lifestyle for families through carefully sourced and selected products and avoiding all those unnecessary chemicals that are bad for you and for nature. 

  • Transparent & honest

    We aim to source the best ingredients and to work with high due diligence with our partners and producers. Avoiding those harmful and unnecessary ingredients.

  • Earth-friendly

    We want to be as close to nature as possible. Avoiding unnecessary packaging and reducing our carbon footprint by sourcing locally as much as we can. 

  • Beautiful and delicious

    We want to create products you love as much as we do. Making the choice easy with simple, beautiful and deliciously scented products for your family.  

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